Pain Hurt Unstable Desolation

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Scientific topics and themes


Plenary and Semi-Plenary sessions


Parallel lectures


Workshops and Discussion Groups




Scientific activities in the congress


Plenary sessions will last one hour and a half. Simultaneous translations will be provided in the five official IFOTES languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.


Semi-plenary sessions will last one hour and fifteen minutes. They are given twice with half the audience attending each time. The topic is the same for each semi-plenary: the results of the two research programmes on TES work and volunteers conducted by the University of Geneva (CH) and The University of Padua (I). Translations will be provided in all five languages.


Parallel lectures will last one hour, with two or three speakers. They will be translated into two other languages. Some of the speakers will lead a one-hour workshop or discussion group after their lecture.


Discussions groups will last one hour. A moderator for each language will lead a debate on the topic of the day.


Workshops will last one or two hours. They will be interactive with about 15-20 participants so the leader is expected to lead the whole session.
Please note that no simultaneous translations will be provided for workshops.


Poster presentations: IFOTES members Federations and partners have the opportunity to present posters which show their best practices or projects in operating crisis helplines.
Posters will be displayed in one of the halls during the entire congress, and will be discussed at the poster presentation.


Each lecture and workshop is given a code. Please indicate on your application form at least two options from lectures and workshops listed in the programme for each day, to help us allow as many people to attend the events of their choice.


Further details of your attendance at lectures and participation in workshops will be given to you directly before the congress starts, or at the registration desk.


During the congress our volunteer staff will be pleased to help you in finding your workshop location, as well as make your stay in Prato as comfortable as possible.