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IFOTES Congress 2007



IFOTES Congress 2007: greetings from Telefono Amico Italia

Together with all volunteers who operate Telefono Amico Italia, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all national and foreign participants who plan to participate in the XVII IFOTES Congress which will be held in Prato, Tuscany from 11th July to 15th July 2007.


Thanks to the passion and organizational commitment of the local volunteers, everything has been planned for the peaceful invasion of the numerous participants. They will attend the activities organized in some of the city's historical buildings which have been kindly made available to us by the local authorities of Prato and expressly equipped in order to carry out the varied programme.


Several eminent lecturers will be taking part in the Congress, coming from various fields such as social sciences, medicine, communication and sport, and they will lead the participants to the discovery and understanding of emotions from both a scientific and practical point of view.


The hundreds of people coming from all parts of the world will also have the opportunity of comparing their own personal experiences of offering help-line service. Together with all volunteers of Telefono Amico Italia, they will also be invited to celebrate a special event: the introduction, one year ago, of a General Telephone Number active in all the centres over the country.


Telefono Amico Italia celebrates the 40th Anniversary of its foundation this year and thus wholeheartedly accepted to help organize the IFOTES Congress. Events will be well signposted and transportation organized in such a way that facilities used for group work and research, accommodation for the participants, and public services may all be reached without difficulty. In addition, for all the participants at the congress there will be many proposals and suggestions on how to spend their free time available to them: discover the city and its culture, visit Florence and its most famous monuments, tour the naturally beautiful areas and discover the magical atmosphere of this wonderful land, birthplace of many famous artists and poets.


We sincerely hope to see a great number of you in Prato for this exceptional event, where we shall have the opportunity of studying, discussing and comparing beliefs regarding social commitment, but at the same time allowing us to express our emotions, vital in reaching an understanding of relationships and the improvement of the emotional wellbeing of people.


Kindest regards,


Silvio Bagattin


President Telefono Amico Italia



Every three years IFOTES together with a national member organises an international congress. The objectives are to:

  • exchange experiences and training related to emotional and mental health in various cultural environments
  • explore the latest scientific research in plenary sessions and workshops
  • further improve the quality of the services offered by members
  • increase the motivation for volunteer work in this field

The 2007 Congress will be a special event, for it will:

  • examine today’s state-of-the-art work on emotions and explore potential development
  • be open for the first time to other NGOs
  • benefit from European media coverage
  • celebrate the 40th anniversary of both IFOTES and TAI
  • be the platform from which the unique Italian phone number will be officially launched


The Congress will address both the scientific and the practical aspects of emotional health and explore how we can develop a world in which humans are able to recognise and manage their emotions and needs and build non-violent relationships.


Professionals from all over the world will bring a wide range of expertise, giving lectures and leading workshops. Also be contributing will be the Swiss National Research Centre in Affective Sciences at the University of Geneva, that is promoting a multi-disciplinary approach to affective sciences and emotions.


The Congress will be held in five languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish). Simultaneous translation will be available.